Monday, November 19, 2012

Basketball Fungus by Emily Roberts

One day, deep in the heart of Mississippi, a dirty, disgusting green fungus was growing. A boy of eleven years of age was playfully romping through the forest with his basketball when he came upon the evil fungi. Its coils of green disgustingness wrapped around the terrified bystander as he crumpled to the ground in agony. Quickly, his infected fingers threw his basketball over a hedge and into a backyard. This boy was never seen again.

6 months later 
An eleven year-old boy was stepping into his newly renovated backyard for the first time. He squealed in surprise as he observed the new swimming pool, golf course, bar, pool table, hot tub and basketball court. He hugged his parents and proceeded to observe, then noticed an added surprise. In the bushes by the gate was a signed basketball, just lying there. It was a little bit greenish. Probably just some grass stains. He picked it up and thanked his parents. "Huh?' they said, 'We didn't put that there." Whatever, thought the boy. A basketball is a basketball. It doesn't appear out of thin air.

Later that day, the boy was bored. Suddenly, he had an idea. He called six other boys from his grade and invited them to a basketball game in his new backyard with the signed basketball he found in the bushes. The game was scheduled for three o'clock that afternoon. As he was calling his friends, the green substance on the signed basketball was growing and growing and growing.

"Hey guys!" The boy shouted as he opened the door on his friends. They ran through his house and rushed into the backyard. They oohed and aahed over the new additions to the backyard, and the boy puffed out his chest proudly. They grabbed the boy's basketball from his room and ran back outside.
It was a clear day, with not a cloud in the sky. They started the game by dividing up the teams, with the boy playing for both teams because of the uneven amount of players. As the game started, each boy got one turn to shoot. Every time each of them would shoot, though, their mouths would go dry and their faces would turn a ghastly shade of green. They never suspected anything bad could be happening. They started the game, and they forgot about the strange happenings. 

Suddenly, a boy named Tommy Burgess was shooting a basket, and he dropped dead onto the court, with green residue smeared on his hands and face. Right after Tommy fell, another boy did. And another. And another. Only one boy was left. And this was the boy, the boy that owned this backyard. He screamed, and rushed inside. The sight that he saw alarmed him. His house was up in flames. As his delirious mind came up with imaginary monsters fighting him, the deadly fungus climbed up his arms. He died on the floor, with his basketball cradled in his arms.


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