Thursday, July 26, 2012

More Artwork from the Archives

Emily has a neat sense of humor

I think she meant "design."
Guess what this is, and you could win a prize!
I'll call this one "Praying Mantis"

Sarah drew this one

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Artwork by Sarah and Emily

Bird drawn by Sarah
Spongeblob drawn by Emily

June 2012
Sarah and Emily took a week-long cooking class after school ended on June 22. They made a new friend (I'll call her Farm Girl) who killed a groundhog with her 4-wheeler. Another student swore several times in Swedish. The girls also learned to make delicious meals and desserts, like Chicken Milanese and Cannolis. 

Tim took the girls miniature golfing last weekend. Emily hit her father in the back. She lost.

Sarah has been making handbags with Duck Tape; Emily likes to try on fashionable clothing and accessories.

Emily didn't like the hat

Emily is a slave to fashion

Sarah made this tote bag using Duck Tape

Twin Peeps