Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Twisting By The Pool

I tried to get a nice group photo of the Roberts grandchildren (from left, Antonio, Eli, Grace, Christopher, along with handlers Sarah and Emily) at the pool. Scroll down at a reasonable pace. It's more amusing that way.

Monday, May 14, 2012

Sarah & Emily's Fashion Show at Anthropolgie

Emily is on the left; Sarah is 3rd from left. The salesclerk thought they were all my children. 

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

List of Boys Who Bit Sarah

  1. Brady (bit Sarah's belly because she had some Legos he wanted; December 2006) 
  2. Harrison (bit Sarah's shoulder while she read him a story; March 2007. [See below])
  3. Adam (bit Sarah's arm; no reason given; 2008-2009 school year)
Harrison wrote this note and left it in Sarah's cubby

Monday, May 7, 2012

April 2012

Sarah and Emily are playing in the orchestra and instrumental (band) at school, taking guitar lessons, and playing soccer. And, perhaps because of our excellent parenting, Emily and Sarah both made the honor roll again this quarter.

Both girls will be participating in a music competition at Hershey Park in June with the Jamestown Elementary School group(s). Excitement has been building the past few months, maybe because of the competition, the visit to amusement park, or the 2-hour ride on a luxurious charter bus. Tim and I will be in the audience, but we politely declined the opportunity to chaperone the day-long trip.

I'm coaching the girls' soccer team again this spring, which is a rewarding experience. Mostly.

We had a great trip to Arizona for Spring Break. On our trip west, we saw an "Open Range" sign and cattle crossing the road (right in front of us!); a former WWII fighter pilot/author; and a man crossing the street holding a baseball bat in one hand and a rifle in the other. We took lots of pictures.

April 19, 2012
Emily and Sarah inside of the iconic LOVE sculpture by Robert Indiana

It looked like a shorter route on the map...
We saw the guy with the bat and rifle here.
Sarah, Emily, Brooke, and Andrew gave Peanut the Opossum a proper burial and graveside service.

"Wearing many hats" takes on new meaning.

Emily and Sarah danced with Yoko Ninomiya Spalding and a resident during a performance of Japanese music and culture at The Jefferson: A Senior Living Community.