Tuesday, February 28, 2012

September 2005

September 19
Preschool is in session. When I dropped them off this morning, Sarah’s lip quivered, but she didn’t shed any tears. A week ago, I left them wailing, clinging to the playground fence watching me drive away. Two weeks ago, I left them both crying with Sarah being restrained by her teacher as I left.
In this picture, Emily is wearing a nametag she fashioned for herself so the kids on the playground won’t call her “Sarah.”
In the car yesterday, Emily asked Sarah why she didn’t want to go to school. Sarah said she would miss me. Emily told Sarah she would be her Mommy. Sarah said she would miss Daddy too. Emily said she would be Mommy and Daddy. Then Sarah said she would miss Akiko. Emily told her she would be Akiko, too. I reminded Emily that Sarah would miss Sake, so she agreed to be Sake, too.
We visited the Indiana County Fair over Labor Day Weekend. We saw tractors, chickens and roosters, a “big cow peeing,” horses, sheep, and pigs being bathed with Dawn dishwashing liquid. The girls posed with a 3-month-old baby goat at the 4H booth and stroked some baby rabbits.
We still have some fish, but I can’t see how many; the bowl is too dirty.
On Sunday morning, Sarah said, “I’m having a baby tomorrow.” Not to be outdone, Emily countered with, “Well, I’m having a baby after lunch.”

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