Monday, February 27, 2012

September 19, 2011

Our conversations at the dinner table revolve around the events of the day; Tim's meeting at work, the dysfunctional people I work with, and stories about school. During gym today, one boy took off his pants and ran around in his underwear. I can't compete with that.

We entered the third phase of orthodontic treatment a few weeks ago. Sarah and Emily have braces. To further distinguish themselves from one another, Sarah chose blue brackets for her teeth. Emily played it safe with the clear ones.

You know, I really expected a lot more complaining.

I'm really excited about my Creative Memories NASCAR Scrapbook Page! My workgroup has been involved in the AARP Foundation Drive to End Hunger Campaign since its inception, and we jumped—well, hopped—at the chance to show support for Jeff Gordon at the Wonderful Pistachios 400 in Richmond. Surprisingly, Tim loved it, and Sarah was willing to stay with him at the track for all 400 laps. Emily and I returned to the hotel with a pillow-sized bag of cotton candy.

Sarah was watching a Harry Potter movie at home one day and made a magic wand using a wooden dowel rod, hemp string, glue, paint, and tape. We came up with a business plan and pricing structure, but she quickly lost interest.

The first month of school is going well. The fourth-graders each created a newspaper front page, all of which were on display at Back to School Night. Both of the girls did a great job, but I loved Emily's because she chose Sarah as her hero.
Emily and Sarah at the Wonderful Pistachios 400 in Richmond, VA
Hanging with Sarah at the track...
Sarah's Harry Potter wand, made in America. In our laundry room.
Emily's Newspaper

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