Tuesday, February 28, 2012

October 2005

October 19
The girls’ fourth birthday is today. Hard to believe they once weighed as the same as a bag of flour. 
School is going well; Sarah’s class is raising a Hermit Crab and learning about Monet. Emily’s class is working on writing their names (Emily wrote her name all by herself on Sunday!) and learning about habitats. 
Sarah attended Dominick’s birthday party last Saturday at J.W. Tumbles; both girls went to Adi’s pirate-themed party on Sunday. A “real” pirate came to sing songs, tell stories and play a jaw harp. 
Tim spent a couple of hours last night putting together the girls’ presents from Mommy and Daddy—bicycles with training wheels. We need to find a flat place for the girls to ride them until they have a little bit more control.
Our two fish are doing very well. Tim decided to buy a new fish bowl, rather than cleaning the other one. When I moved the THREE fish to their new home, Fish Number Three was a little limp. Two days later, he was lying near the bottom of the bowl under a prop and Sarah said, “that fish is pretending to be dead.” Emily looked at the bowl and said, “No, Sarah. He IS dead.”

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