Monday, February 27, 2012

October 19, 2011

I accidentally ran over a squirrel last week. Sarah told me there is an overpopulation of squirrels; that I did nature a favor
According to researchers at California State University, chauvinism begins early. At the age of 2 1/2, boys and girls typically think that their own sex is superior. Sarah approached a couple of boys at recess who were playing football and asked if she could join them. One of the neanderthals said "no, because you're a girl." Sarah convinced the sexist pig to give her the football and threw a perfect spiral, which hit Marsha Brady in the nose. (I made up that part.)

Tim took the girls to the CVS MinuteClinic to get FluMist, the influenza vaccine nasal spray (as opposed to the flu shot.) CVS doesn't have FluMist (I 
know I told him that) so the nurse gave them each a shot in the arm. Things were going well until Emily passed out.* 

On Sarah and Emily's actual birthday, school ended at 1:26, so I took the afternoon off and three of their friends came over to play. Two boys came over. The girls went outside. The girls came back inside. The girls went back outside with squirt guns. The boys came back with 3 more friends and their own squirt guns. The girls went in the backyard to play in the hot tub. The boys spied on them. The girls were indignant. The girls got dressed and the boys came back with 2 more friends and Nerf guns, outnumbering the girls. One boy used the "F" word. QUESTION: How many boys are in the story?

Emily wrote a fantastic story about a girl who travels to Washington, DC for The March on Washington. She entered it in the Reflections** contest, a school-related program.
 Scroll down to read Emily's story.  

*She's fine now
Annually, hundreds of thousands of students participate in the Reflections program through their local PTAs. These student winners go on to compete at the district/regional and state levels, with the best-of-the-best entries going to National PTA to be considered for a National Reflections award.

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