Monday, February 27, 2012

October 19, 2010

It's hard for me to believe Sarah and Emily are 9 years old! The girls and I went to the Oktoberfest Bazaar at Walker Chapel last weekend and one parishioner exclaimed, "I remember when they were babies!" Then I said, "So do I; that's why we stopped having children."

Last weekend, the Jaguars played The Lightning in their first post-season soccer match. With team rosters on both sides greatly reduced due to a regional Brownie camping trip, all the girls played hard, with the Jaguars winning 2-1 with goals by Sarah Roberts and Charlotte Thomson. Tension rose during play when The Lightning used some questionable defensive maneuvers and their coach acted like a big baby. Emily threatened to write an op-ed piece for The Washington Post about The Lightning cheating and faking injuries to evoke sympathy from the referee.

We are having a birthday party for Sarah and Emily at the Washington-Lee Aquatic Center (that's a fancy name for "Pool") in November. We invited 30 of the girls' closest friends and a bunch of grown-ups (who can swim for free.)

Sarah and Emily picked out costumes for Halloween at The Scary Store In The Mall. Both girls chose hideous masks and Emily found a Robe of Horror to match. To my horror, there was only one Robe of Horror in the store. So Tim took Sarah and Emily to The Scary Store on Route 7, where they found a package including a Mask of Horror, a Hare Krishna-like robe, and chanting lessons.

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