Monday, February 27, 2012

October 19, 2008

Sarah and Emily turned 7 on Sunday. We were on the road again, attending cousin Elijah's christening in Pennsylvania, eating lots of sweets and filming a segment for Man v. Food in Pittsburgh's Strip District.

We visited Dr. Garrett last week for a yearly physical. Sarah and Emily are now within 2lbs. of each other (since birth, Sarah had been 10% heavier) and approximately 3.5 inches taller than last year. Both girls put on a dramatic performance for the nurse when she gave them each a flu shot. For that, I bought them each a Slurpee.

Sarah and Emily have 3 favorite Webkinz ( whom they named Snowy, Bagel, and Drunkard.

Armed with pens and paper, Sarah and Emily have been writing and drawing books, letters, greeting cards, and notes like the ones I've attached to this email. Obviously, Sarah is still intent on making lots of money.

Emily asked me a couple of weeks ago, "Do you think I should be more realistic?" I told her, "I think you should be more reasonable."

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