Tuesday, February 28, 2012

November 2005

November 19
Sarah and Emily’s fourth birthday party was a real hoot. Both girls received many generous and thoughtful gifts and enjoyed food and drink prepared by a small army of helpful family members.
At school, Sarah’s classmates traced her whole body on a large piece of paper and dictated to the teacher their pleasant thoughts about Sarah. Emily walked around the sun four times in her class. Each girl donated a book to her class to celebrate their birthday; The Dumb Bunnies’ Easter was given to Ms. Farida’s class and Daisy-Head Mayzie was given to Ms. Amanda’s class.
Sarah’s class put on a Thanksgiving Play. Each child crafted and painted a teepee with paper and sticks for the scenery, and Sarah and her classmates memorized their lines and two poems for the play, which was very entertaining.
Emily says, “My people are selfish and they fib.” Her favorite Christmas song is Police Navidad.
Sarah can fold her clothes neatly and is very good at saying a mealtime prayer each night at dinner.

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