Monday, February 27, 2012

November 2007

November 2007
Sarah and Emily have been busy. After two birthday parties, during one of which Uncle Eric was slapped in the face by a 5-year-old, we “celebrated” Halloween. I wanted the girls to dress up as salt and pepper shakers, but they wanted to wear the same costumes they wore last year.

The kindergarten classes at Jamestown embarked on their first field trip of the school year to Washington, DC. Sarah complained about her class “buddy”, Sabrina, who is “disgusting” and “takes her shoes off during lunch and makes me not want to eat”.

Emily is very concerned about losing her first tooth when we visit Grammy and Grandpa for Thanksgiving. My friend Liz played The Tooth Fairy on the phone and assured Emily that she would be able to track down the tooth—whenever and wherever it is.

Sarah told Emily that she has to go to the clinic at school when her tooth falls out. I asked Sarah what the people at the clinic do for a patient with a loose tooth. She said “they make you feel better while your tooth is coming out.”

Perhaps because they are now in Computer Lab every Wednesday at school, their knowledge of the outside world is expanding. Emily told me last week, “if you want to know how to brush your teeth, visit!” With the help of our television, Sarah is learning product marketing skills—“If you like pancakes, you will LOVE Pancake Puffs.” She also encouraged me to take advantage of a special limited-time only offer: “You can count on Quik Brites, even when the power goes out.”

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