Wednesday, February 29, 2012

May 2006

May 19
We adopted a fuzzy black caterpillar who escaped from his jar in the kitchen. I found him sleeping in the living room days later. I put him back in the jar, and Sarah took him to school for show and tell. Back home again, he escaped from the girl’s bedroom. We put out an apple on Monday to lure him back to his jar, then two pears on Tuesday. On Wednesday, we made a trail of three plums four strawberries and five oranges. By Saturday we left a piece of chocolate cake, an ice cream cone, one pickle... I found him over a week later on the floor in the kitchen. We are going to write a book titled, The Very Hungry Caterpillar Sees the Kitchen.

Sarah and Emily are hooked on The Land Before Time cartoon series, which they refer to as “The Big Long Neck Migration.”
Tim’s brother Jeff got married on May 13th in Pennsylvania. Sarah and Emily played the roles of Flower Girls 1 & 2. In their beautiful dresses and shiny white shoes, they descended the stairs to the amphitheatre with baskets of flower petals. As it turned out, the girls planned to place one flower petal on each fitted stone on the way to the altar. The maid of honor intervened, and Sarah said, “...but I still have more flower petals!”

After the ceremony and pictures, we took the girls to the reception where they enjoyed sticking strawberries in the chocolate fountain and eating a couple dozen cookies. Amazingly, Sarah and Emily were awake long enough to eat cake and dance at the reception.

Akiko came over yesterday and brought the girls a live crab from a Korean grocery store. The girls fed it and “tickled” him. He’s dead already.

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