Tuesday, February 28, 2012

May 2005

May 19
Tim and the girls brought me breakfast in bed on Mother’s Day; eggs, bacon, and fresh pineapple. The girls sat in front of me on the bed with their mouths open like baby birds and I fed them my breakfast. Sarah and Emily made me two adorable flower pots with flowers made from paper hands they cut out and curled at preschool.
Tim and a neighbor hauled home six long heavy boxes and a 10-foot slide (from Costco) and began assembling a large play set. After two full days of work and 5 weeknights, it was finished. It is a deluxe model, with three swings, a slide, climbing wall, clubhouse, picnic bench for 4, and monkey bars. But there are at least a dozen screws and bolts left over, which worries me. 
We also spent a pleasant afternoon at Claude Moore Colonial Farm making candles with string and beef tallow, painting with watercolors, watching a puppet show, petting sheep, chasing chickens, and picking flowers. We also brought home paper bags full of rocks.
Sarah and Emily continue to have problems being “regular.” We visited a well-respected gastroenterologist early this month, who recommended we give Sarah an enema if she became constipated. Unfortunately, this became necessary and I administered the treatment. Sarah being stubborn, the results took longer than expected, but gravity took over and Sarah ran inside from the backyard, through the sunroom, dining room, and OOOPS! 
Before we could clean up the mess, Sake did what comes naturally to dogs.

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