Monday, February 27, 2012

May 2007

May 2007
Emily acts strange sometimes. Uncle Eric told her she was being weird, and she said, “The kids in my class tell me that, too; but they still invite me to their parties.”

Last weekend we visited a friend to admire her 3-week old baby girl. Sarah and Emily held Clare and tickled her tiny feet. Emily remarked, “Sarah is acting like a true mother.”

Yesterday we attended an open house at Jamestown Elementary School, where the girls will start kindergarten in the fall. We visited the kindergarten classrooms, the cafeteria, and the playground. This morning, Tim asked Emily what she was most excited about at her new school. She and Sarah both agreed that the drinking fountain and the curtains in the gym were the most exciting features of their new school.

Sarah has been complaining that the boys in her class “play inappropriate games.”

Every night at dinner we talk about who got into trouble that day at school, and if there were any injuries. Like, Sofia Coccozza got a bloody nose when Max Mayfield hit her in the face at Emma Watson’s Superman birthday party in the moon bounce.

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