Wednesday, February 29, 2012

March 2006

March 19
Tim and I set up the girls’ “umputer” downstairs a couple of weeks ago and they’ve been fighting over it ever since. I purchased some software for them to use, and they both like those “I Spy” games.

Grandma came for a visit a couple of weekends ago. We had a family gathering in Leesburg with my cousins Rob and Karen and their families, and Mom and I took the girls shopping. The girls picked out some belts, which they now refuse to wear. Grandma made muffins and the girls helped in the kitchen.

Last weekend, we drove up to Pittsburgh for a bridal shower. Tim’s brother Jeff is getting married in May, and Sarah and Emily will be flower girls in the wedding. We practiced using baskets of dead leaves. I think they are ready.

I dragged out the Easter decorations. The girls take turns hiding the fake eggs and the other one looks for them. Sarah’s been carrying around a stuffed chick and Emily has been sleeping with a little 2-inch tall duckling which gets lost in her bed over and over again.

Quinn Wohlford poked Emily with a wood chip at school. We went out to dinner that evening and Emily pulled up her shirt to show her “wound” to a stranger at the next table.

We still have one fish left.

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