Monday, February 27, 2012

March 19, 2011

We were at the mall one night, and Emily asked, "How do you make Holy Water?" I didn't know, so she asked the salesclerk.
Tim and Emily with Brooke and Greg Deabler
To prepare for the Brownie Snowflake Ball, we went to American Nail (not to be confused with Foreign Nail), where we had manicures and pedicures. Afterwards, we were sitting near the front of the salon, waiting for our nails to dry. Emily was reading aloud the list of services American Nail has to offer. Everyone in the salon heard Emily ask me, "Mom, what's a Bikini Wax?" The first response to "We'll talk about it later," is "No, we want to know NOW!" The customers in the salon were waiting for my answer, too. I covered the finer points, and both girls made an ugly face. "That's disgusting!"

Sarah did an experiment a couple of weeks ago. She was very proud of herself.
  1. Sarah weighed herself.
  2. Sarah ate a salad.
  3. Sarah weighed herself again.
Sarah's weight did not change; therefore, eating salad will not make Sarah fat.

Last night, Emily asked me, "Mom, what is a prostitute?"

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