Monday, February 27, 2012

March 19, 2009

Emily had a conversation with her teacher about career plans. Emily said she wants to be a librarian and study all things Japanese. Ms. LaPrade asked her about the possibility of becoming a doctor. Emily replied, "Don't you know it's really hard being a doctor, Ms. LaPrade?" More recently, Emily wrote in her journal that she wants to be a snowboarder, Marine Biologist, Librarian, and someone who works at a nature center.

We usually eat dinner together as a family, except when we don't. Conversation varies somewhat from meal to meal, but one topic remains constant: The School Injury/Medical Report. Often they cite occurrences of loose and bloody teeth and bleeding noses. On Monday, for example, Kate Sakell went home with a stomachache and Charlotte T. threw up in a recycling bin during Music class.

Sarah, Emily and I took the Amtrak train overnight to Chicago. We met lots of interesting people, including an Amish gentleman who got a $1500 tonsillectomy (that's 3 Amish Heat Surge™ Fireplaces) at a clinic in Toledo.

Tim told me Sarah and Emily were complaining about how difficult it is to be a woman. "Women get to have babies, and they have their period and it really hurts." 

I explained to Tim that Emily had just read "Are You There God, It's Me, Margaret." 

Blank stare.

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