Monday, February 27, 2012

June 2007

June 2007
Monday, Emily asked me what a “Steak” looked like. I told her to look at her plate. She said, “No, I mean like chicken comes from chickens.” I told her there’s no “Steak Animal,” that steak comes from cows.

Today is our dog Sake’s twelfth birthday. I made a dog food cake and the girls frosted it with red and purple cream cheese. We’re going to invite some dogs to our house tonight to celebrate.

On Father’s Day we went out to breakfast and took a Family Hike to the Potomac River. Sarah and Emily each loaded a backpack with the essentials; Goldfish crackers and water, and for Sarah, a “Field Journal” in which she recorded her discoveries. Discovery Number 6 was a caterpillar.

Our last day of preschool is Friday. There will be a “graduation” ceremony for the children heading to kindergarten in the fall. Sarah and Emily are excited about Kindergarten, but talk about missing their teachers and friends who will be attending other schools. But the new school has a really cool drinking fountain.

For those of you following the Fish Story, I am sad to report that the last of our five fish left this world a few weeks ago when I added clean water to the fish tank, disrupting the delicate ecosystem he came to love during his short life. While the girls were outside enjoying the sunshine, Tim got rid the filthy fish tank and the girls haven’t noticed.

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