Wednesday, February 29, 2012

July 2006

At the end of school, we traveled to Chicago to visit Grandma. Sarah and Emily rode bicycles in the neighborhood, where it’s flat.

We visited the Nature Museum in downtown Chicago with my friend Rebecca. In the Butterfly Habitat, a beautiful butterfly landed on Emily and spent 30 minutes visiting her shoulder. Afterward, we went to see the reptiles, and where we observed a snake eating live goldfish. We took a bus to Grandma’s office, and the girls joined a group of commuters singing “The Wheels on the Bus Go Round and Round.”

Of our Chicago activities, the girls loved our visit to Oak Street Beach. We hadn’t planned to visit the beach, so we didn’t have our swimsuits, but Sarah and Emily had a great time playing in the sand with Bruce and hopping over the waves that came ashore. Afterwards, we enjoyed ice cream and picked sand out of our toes sitting next to the bike path along the lakefront. Emily thought it was crazy that some people rode their bikes without a shirt.

On the way back to Virginia, we spent a night at Aunt Deb’s camp near Pittsburgh. We slept in a cabin and spent the next day playing outside at the camp. Emily caught a fish in the lake. 

Sarah and Emily each gave their Uncle Eric a sandal for his birthday.

During summer break, the girls have been running around in their swimsuits in the backyard, visiting the library and the Nature Center.

Last week, Sarah experienced some stomach discomfort, but limited her vomiting to waking hours. Emily threw up at night in her bed and on an expensive throw rug. Tim had to get out the Shop-Vac.

Monday night at dinner Sarah said “boys are complicated.”
"Heart Flower" by Sarah Roberts

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