Tuesday, February 28, 2012

July 2005

July 19
The girls have been playing outside in the sprinkler to beat the heat, playing soccer in the backyard, and watching episodes of Franklin.
To escape the heat and humidity, Tim took Sarah and Emily to a matinee showing of Herbie: Fully Loaded. After gorging themselves on popcorn for 30 minutes, they begged him to take them home.
One day in late June, Akiko took the girls to the playground, where they met another preschooler who was visiting the playground with her mom and baby sister. That evening at the dinner table, Sarah and Emily begged us for a baby sister. I explained that having a baby sister is complicated. Emily told us she had 3 dollars, so “let’s go to the hospital and get a baby sister.” Sarah echoed Emily’s request by whining incessantly until I suggested that we get some goldfish.
Two days later we visited Petco and purchased not two goldfish but 5 little gray fish (which poop less than goldfish) they named Dorothy, Goldie, Mother, Father and some other name I can’t remember. On the way home from the pet store, they took turns holding the plastic bag. At home, Emily sat on the kitchen floor, put the bag between her legs, and read the fish a story. 

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