Monday, February 27, 2012

July 19, 2009

Sarah and Emily were in school through the 17th of June. We drove out to Chicago for a summer visit. On the way, we stopped at a Llama farm, then we ate lunch at A&W, where the girls each had their first Root Beer Float.

We had a nice visit to Illinois. Among the highlights:
  • Tim, Sarah and Emily went to see the White Sox play Toronto—a night game;
  • Sarah and Emily played "Wheel of Fortune" with a dozen residents at the Pinecrest Village Nursing Home;
  • The girls taught 10-year old Clare Dilger how to cross her eyes;
  • We had a picnic with Kai and his family at Millennium Park;
  • Sarah and Emily fed some horses and fainting goats on a REAL farm, and
  • Both girls learned to ride bikes without training wheels.
We returned home and welcomed some guests from Hawaii; Tim's cousin Robbie, her husband Pete, and their dear friend Kathy from Portland, Oregon. Pete had a colorful cast on one arm and a black cast on one leg; he let the girls decorate the leg cast with metallic markers.

On our drive to Chicago, we left a substantial carbon footprint.

Sarah and Emily have been watching a lot of Animal Planet; maybe that's where Emily learned about Polar Bears.

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