Monday, February 27, 2012

July 2007

July 2007
Our dog Sake’s 12th birthday party was a blast. Buddy and Pepper joined us for cake and Sarah and Emily gave out goody bags full of dog treats to party guests. Sake wouldn’t share his cake, so he had a “time out” inside the house.

Sarah and Emily are taking swimming lessons this summer. Tim thinks they will grow up to be good people if they can swim. As part of his strategy to get them to put their faces under water, he bribed them with Scooby Doo ice cream treats. One night after their lesson, they came home, hair wet, and told me that they had put their faces underwater. Sarah told me she did it on her own, but Emily said, “Daddy helped me.” I asked Tim about that, and he said, “I dunked her.” One night we went out to dinner. We were coloring placemats at the table and Sarah said, “Mommy, I have to tell you something. One time, Emily upset me.” 

The other night, Sarah asked, “Do you know why I like Harrison, even though he’s mostly bad?” I said, “No, tell me.” Sarah replied, “I like the way he looks, I like the way he talks, and I like the games we play.”(You may remember Harrison—the one who bit Sarah’s right shoulder and later wrote her a note, apologizing.)

In my quest to simplify and declutter, I often collect things to give to Goodwill, or “The Poor.” I came home one day last week and Emily told me she had made a book for The Poor. She said, “I think they’ll really like it!” We went through the girls’ sock drawer and picked out several pairs to add to our pile of donations. When we finished, Emily sighed heavily and said, “Poor little poor.”

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