Wednesday, February 29, 2012

January 2006

January 19
Sarah and Emily were anxious to return to their classrooms on January 3.

Both girls are learning how to spit out their toothpaste, so the bathroom is a mess. For a time, they insisted on using the same Barbie toothbrush, so I threw it away.

Sarah has begun writing in addition to honing her skills as an artist. Not unlike O. Henry, she writes fascinating short stories. Last Saturday, we sat down to read before bed, and Sarah shared a new story called “Water.” It consisted of one word. She asked us to clap (Emily didn’t) and then they went to bed. Sunday’s story was “Koala Bear.” Just two words. We clapped (Emily didn’t) and went to bed. Wednesday night’s story was “A Heart for Valentine’s Day.” Last night’s story was “Sunflower for Spring.” It was lovely.

Yesterday at school, Sarah’s class “travelled” to Bolivia on an airplane. Sarah was the pilot, of course. We reenacted the trip at home after school. Sarah made me a plane ticket, showed me to my seat, brought me a blanket, a napkin, drink and a fruit and nut tart.

Emily does interesting things, too.

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