Sunday, February 26, 2012

January 19, 2012

Emily was kind enough to make Tim a Bucket List for his 46th birthday. I'd like to see him do some of this stuff.

Tim's birthday also inspired Emily to write her father a Birthday Poem. One line rhymes, but isn't true. Guess which one.
Once upon a time, Sarah, Emily, Brooke and Halle were at our house after school. Just before dark, Emily told me Hachi* was missing. All four of the girls ran out the front door looking for "Jailbreak" while I gathered some supplies: 

  1. flashlights; 
  2. forks; 
  3. large chunks of rump roast; and 
  4. my iPhone. 

The girls split up into two teams, each with a flashlight and a piece of meat*. I was just about to call those Doggie Microchip people when Emily came running around the corner crying, and I assumed the very worst...
Hachi got stuck in the attic.
*You know what I mean

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