Wednesday, February 29, 2012

February 2006

February 19
During the past month, I learned that Scarlet Fever is a common disease usually seen in children under the age of 18. It’s easily treated with antibiotics.

Tim and I took turns staying home with Sarah, who had Scarlet Fever first. After some improvement, she said to me, “Mom, I love you, but... it’s not the same.” When I asked her what she meant, she wanted to know when Emily would be home from school because she wanted to play with her sister.

Before our family trip to California, we talked about the things we might do on our vacation. Emily said, “I think they have TV and Velcro in California.”

Our flight to L.A. started out in a usual way. We spent 45 minutes at the gate waiting to board the plane. The girls passed the time eating M&Ms. Suddenly, Sarah stopped eating and said, “Mom, we’re not moving!”

Our trip was enjoyable from beginning to end. The weather in California was beautiful and it was great to see our friends in Irvine and my Aunt Sue and Uncle Larry in San Diego. We visited a beach near Irvine, where Sarah and Emily collected shells, and we experienced LegoLand and the Wild Animal Park. Because the beach was so popular, Friday we spent a few hours by the ocean in the shadow of the Hotel del Coronado, where the girls rolled in the sand, dug holes to put their heads in, and collected more shells. Sarah said she will make necklaces for everyone with her shells. I have other ideas.

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