Tuesday, February 28, 2012

February 2005

February 19
We are still celebrating Valentine’s Day—the girls make cards and Sarah asks me for “emmelopes,” stickers and stamps. I told her that envelopes and stamps don’t grow on trees. 
Both girls have been accepted at Children’s House Montessori School for the fall. Sarah and Emily will be in separate classrooms. The director brings her dog Foxy to school and there’s a great outdoor playground. 
Sarah told Tim that she is going to take care of me when she grows up. She will feed me bottles and put me in my crib. Sarah said she will have a birthmark on her leg, too, when she “is Emily’s age.” 
Both of the girls think that standing on the scale makes them grow. 
Emily can recite The Dumb Bunnies Easter in its entirety as she flips through the pages pretending to read aloud to herself. She has trouble saying “merry carolers.” 
The girls fought over the pretty teal horse shirt. Sarah won.

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