Monday, February 27, 2012

February 2007

February 19
On Valentine’s Day we made heart-shaped sugar cookies with pink frosting and colored sprinkles. A week beforehand, the girls and I sat down with packages of Olivia and Thomas the Tank Engine valentines and addressed the envelopes to each of their classmates. A few of their friends received very special handmade valentine cards, which were crafted with black paper and metallic markers. I supervised the card-making and distribution, but somehow I missed seeing Emily’s completed card for her friend Kai, which featured a drawing of Emily and Kai in bed. (His mother pointed this out to me.)

Normally our winters are mild and seldom do we have much precipitation. Not this year. As much as Sarah and Emily enjoy the snow, we don’t share their enthusiasm. 

Except today.

We made a large snowman in the backyard with a carrot nose, peppermint stick mouth, and two eyes made out of coal. He lasted a few hours then collapsed while we were sledding at the elementary school.

Ice skating lessons end this Saturday. Both of the girls know how to fall and get up. Their instructor Sergey recommends that Sarah and Emily move on to the Tots 2 class, and they will probably learn to stop, too.

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