Monday, February 27, 2012

December 19, 2009

The other day, I took Sarah and Emily to Barnes & Noble. As we opened the door to go inside, Emily exclaimed, "Sarah, they have free "wee fee"!" (It's Wi-Fi, and it's not a treat.)

On a separate shopping trip, Emily and I went to a Chinese massage place at the mall, and she had a 10-minute massage, which I assumed ticklish Emily would not appreciate. Instead, she loved it and wants another one--soon. Afterward, we sipped green jasmine tea and talked about men.

The weather has been awfully cold, so we've been spending more time indoors. Sarah and Emily have been playing "Doctor" using their growing collection of Webkinz as patients. They are all VERY sick. (see patient chart below.)

Sarah and Emily auditioned for the school play early this month. Sarah won the part of "Singing Rat" and Emily also won the part of "Singing Rat." They are ecstatic.

Bitten by the talent bug, last Sunday, Sarah, Emily and Uncle Eric put on a variety show, a la "Rowan & Martin's Laugh-In". Emily made programs and tickets for Tim and me and we were subjected to-I mean, entertained with-Stand-Up Comedy (Eric), Interpretive Dance (Emily), Shadow Puppet Theatre (Entire Cast), Improvisational Dance set to "Three Way" by The Magnetic Fields (Entire Cast), and a Puppet Show (Sarah; screenplay by Eric.)

Just before New Year's Day, Sarah, Emily and their sitter, Julie were driving over to the mall to see that Chipmunk movie when they saw a dog wandering alone without a leash. Julie pulled over and they approached the dog to investigate. He was wearing a collar with a rabies tag, so they took him to the animal shelter. Because of their heroic efforts, our three heroes missed the first 20 minutes of that Chipmunk movie, but this story has a
happy ending: Mickey The Dog was reunited with his family at the shelter later that evening.

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