Monday, February 27, 2012

December 2006

December 19
Sarah and Emily are very excited about Christmas. This morning, Sarah was counting on her fingers how many carrots she plans to leave for Santa’s reindeer. She wants only “the freshest” carrots.

A couple of weeks ago, the girls were part of the Holiday Musical at school with eighty other children singing (almost) in unison. After the show, Sarah and Emily went to our favorite garden center to pick out a live Christmas Tree. Tim says we need to have a live tree so the girls will have a good childhood.

Earlier this month, Emily had a play date with her friend Emma, so I took Sarah to see Happy Feet at the cinema. I didn’t know it was a musical. Every time the penguins stopped singing, Sarah asked if the movie was over. She disliked the singing because “it makes the movie longer.”

The holidays are a great time of year to learn about numbers. Emily has been singing “The Twelve Days of Christmas” her way; “4 calling birds, 3 fresh eggs...”

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