Wednesday, February 29, 2012

August 2006

I took this picture outside the Nature Center at Canaan Valley Resort State Park in West Virginia after a 3-mile hike. Our week-long vacation was full of activities; hiking, fishing, bicycling, canoeing and acting just plain silly. For shelter, we rented a 2-bedroom cabin with cable television and a hot tub. There was a small lake next to the cabin; the girls played in the water and we tried to catch fish with fishing rods and some plump, juicy nightcrawlers. I was unaware that Tim had never been fishing, which made me the bait and tackle expert.

Poor Emily was craving the comforts of home: Tivo and her friend Kai. On the first full day away, she said, “I miss Kai. I just can’t stop thinking about him.”

Emily says, “You shouldn’t put things in your mouth, because it might be somebody else’s hobby.”

We took Sarah and Emily to the pediatrician last week for a check-up. Dr. Pease peppered the girls with questions about diet and exercise. When asked about her favorite foods, Sarah said she likes “green eggs and ham.” After their physicals, Linda the Shot Nurse entered the room. Emily handled the immunizations gracefully. Sarah screamed loudly and wailed before, during and after her shots. The nurse recommended we give them Tylenol for the pain.

Tim had The Big Car, so he took the girls home, and I stopped at the grocery store. When I arrived home, Tim said, “We didn’t have any Tylenol, so I gave them Tylenol Cold & Flu.” Sarah fell asleep in her plate of noodles.
Flower by Sarah Roberts

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