Tuesday, February 28, 2012

August 2005

August 19
We all went to family camp at the beginning of August in the mountains above beautiful Uniontown, Pennsylvania. Like a cruise ship, there were activities from sun up to sundown. We walked to and from the dining hall for 3 meals a day, “swam” in the large pool, picked blueberries, made homemade ice cream, scampered up the climbing wall (sort of), and hiked up to the mountaintop. I bought each of the girls a disposable camera so they could take their own photos at camp. Most of the pictures were disposable; Emily’s pictures were at butt level, and Sarah had a great shot of the camp director’s breasts.
We have two fish left (of five). Tim won’t clean the fishbowl.
The girls ate broccoli at dinner Sunday. On Monday, Emily created a delicious drawing of several bunches of broccoli. Sarah was cuddling her bunny purse at bedtime. I told her that the bunny might eat Emily’s drawing. She said, “Oh, mom; Bunny is just a stuffed animal.”
We attended orientation at the Montessori School a week ago. The girls will be in separate classrooms, which will be an adjustment. One of the other parents asked me if Sarah and Emily are close. I told him that Sarah wiped Emily’s bottom yesterday, so, yeah.

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