Monday, February 27, 2012

August 19, 2011

Both of the girls (particularly Sarah) enjoy listening to music. They have limited knowledge of artists and genres, so it falls on me to enlighten them. We were in the car listening to Nirvana (not for my benefit) and Sarah said, "This sounds like heavy metal."  I told her, "They called it Grunge," and Emily exclaimed, "They called it Brunch?!"

This summer, we were enchanted by the beauty of Walt Disney's Magic Kingdom and the wave pool at Typhoon Lagoon. We also visited Universal Studios' Harry Potter World, where we drank Butter Beer and travelled on a broom to a Quidditch match. In regard to the various rides and such, Sarah and Emily overcame their fear(s) of nearly everything. Tim and I did not, but we had a wonderful time anyway.

Sarah and Emily spend most of their time trying to get my attention. Some of their new tactics are very inventive, like Sarah's "Mom, we're going shoplifting," and Emily's "Mom. Mom. Mom!! Oh, never mind," which always piques my interest.

A couple of weeks ago, Tim took the girls to see a Washington Nationals baseball game, where Emily had the good fortune to meet Mary Schmidt Amons* of 
The Real Housewives of DC. Mary generously wrote a personal note to Emily, who hadn't the faintest idea who she was.

Menu Art created by Emily and myself at a Steak n' Shake in South Carolina; my drawing of Emily, and Emily's drawing of birds shitting on me.

*Mary Schmidt Amons is the blonde one who ISN'T Michaele Salahi, who left her husband Tareq for Journey guitarist Neal Schon last Tuesday

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