Monday, February 27, 2012

August 19, 2009

Sarah and Emily have had a busy summer. Between trips to the pool, the movies, and Starbucks, the girls have been reading, making projects at home, and buying Webkinz.

Sarah received her first marriage proposal yesterday. Louis is 5 years old, and Emily doesn't like him.

Emily wrote letters to the Virginia Governor and President Obama, demanding better treatment for animals. No replies yet.
Emily also mounted a campaign for wearing goggles on the diving board and water slide at the pool (currently, this is not allowed at Chesterbrook Swim & Tennis.) She made signs and drew up a petition but has not circulated it (I'm sure it's because so many people are on vacation.)

The girls put together an extensive collection of first aid supplies and equipped their Radio Flyer wagon with signs advertising their services as "junior EMTs" for the Roberts Nursing Wagon. Their first patient was Uncle Eric, who fell while he was pulling them both uphill in the mobile healthcare unit. He was treated for a minor flesh wound at no charge.

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