Monday, February 27, 2012

August 19, 2008

The summer is over, but the fun is just beginning. We just returned from a
week in West Virginia, where we rented a cabin near Berkeley Springs for a
week. We went on a bike ride together, floated down the Shendoah River
(slowly) on inner tubes, rode ponies and watched a rat snake devour a mouse.

Over Labor Day weekend, we visited Uncle Jeff and Aunt Deb, whose infant son
Elijah was born in August. Emily approached me as I was holding Eli and
calmly mentioned that she and Sarah were mad because "we're not getting any

In late July, Tim took the girls up to Wilcox, Pennsylvania, Grammy's
hometown, which celebrated their bicentennial this year. Everyone loves a
parade, and there was one, with people on floats throwing candy and
trinkets to the crowd. Sarah got a pirate coin; Emily received a small booklet on how to
earn salvation. The girls threw back the stuff they didn't want.

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