Tuesday, February 28, 2012

April 2005

April 19
Grammy, Grandpa and Uncle Jeff came to visit for Easter. We went to the circus, and the girls saw clowns, elephants and other things you normally see at the circus. We had an egg hunt indoors because the weather was lousy. I found an egg between a stack of books 2 weeks later.
Grandma came to visit us while Daddy was in Japan. Sarah and Grandma performed surgery on Winnie-the-Pooh’s neck, closing a large open wound with a needle and thread. When the cherry blossoms were in full bloom, we went into the city and re-enacted the book Clifford (the Big Red Dog) Goes to Washington. We visited the FDR, Lincoln, Korean War, and Jefferson Memorials, and the Washington Monument. We had a picnic next to the Potomac River and the girls relieved themselves under a tree (just like Clifford!) because there weren’t any restrooms. 
Yesterday, we celebrated National Pretzel Day by loading up our wagon with bags of Ultra Thin Pretzels and visiting friends and neighbors, sharing the joy of pretzels with people everywhere. 
Sarah eats Oreos without taking them apart; Emily twists the cookie apart before eating it.

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