Monday, February 27, 2012

April 2008

April 2008
Sarah and Emily played their first soccer game Saturday. They are on the Yellow Team with several of their friends from school. Emily scored a goal and Sarah played very well, too.

Just for fun, the girls each dissected owl pellets at school yesterday. Each child had an owl pellet of their very own, toothpicks and paper towels. Sarah said she found fur and bones in her owl pellet. Emily found feathers and a tiny skeleton. Sarah said her classmate Joseph found a bald eagle skull in his owl pellet. I doubt that.

Emily invented a new game for two or more players. The Baddest Injury Game involves each player recounting their worst, most painful physical event. Sarah cut her finger with scissors at school. Emily made something up. Having broken my left cheekbone once, I won easily.

Tim accidentally volunteered to chaperone the children (in both Sarah and Emily’s classrooms) on a field trip to the Zoo last week. When the real permission slips arrived in their backpacks, he realized his mistake. One mother suggested I step in and “fix” it. Anyway, on the field trip, Tim carried a large backpack full of lunches, bottles of water, anti-bacterial hand lotion and zoo journals for Sarah, Emily and Natalie.

Emily has been watching way too much television. Several times recently she was feeling oppressed and cried, “Nobody believes in me!”

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